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The commercial display industry will not decline in the 2019 Sino-US trade war

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The commercial display industry will not decline in the 2019 Sino-US trade war
Latest company news about The commercial display industry will not decline in the 2019 Sino-US trade war

The commercial display industry will not decline in the 2019 Sino-US trade war


At present, the Chinese economy has officially entered the stage of high-quality development from the previous stage of ultra-high-speed development. The government has carried out macroeconomic regulation and control from the aspects of economy, finance, currency, and diplomacy to prevent risks and stabilize economic growth. In addition, China vigorously advocates informatization construction and publishes a series of informatization construction plans for various industries. As a brand-new intelligent display terminal, Shangxian products have been widely used in the information construction of smart cities, smart societies and other industries, and become an indispensable basic carrier in the construction of modern cities. A series of national policy deployments are strongly promoting and ensuring the stable and healthy development of the commercial display industry.


But what has been the impact of the Sino-US trade war that began in 2018 and continues to the future of the commercial display industry?

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China's commercial display market segmentation products include education electronic whiteboard, commercial LCD advertising machine, LCD splicing system, touch inquiry machine, customized advertising machine, conference tablet, laser projection and so on.


This article provides an overview of the current and future trends of the indoor and outdoor advertising machine market.

By the end of 2018, the status of outdoor advertising machines:

(1) The outdoor market is small in scale and the market is growing slowly;

(2) The trend of large size is obvious, and the 60-79" size segment grows faster;

(3) The application of commercial real estate and tourism pavilion industry has been significantly improved. In the future, the application of outdoor advertising machines in the transportation industry still has a large room for improvement.


Overall market trends for indoor and outdoor advertising machines:

(1) It is estimated that the size of the advertising machine market in mainland China will reach 17.79 billion yuan in 2022;

(2) The construction of smart cities promotes the application of advertising machines in various industries;

(3) Elevator Media will continue to lead the advertising industry application in the future;

(4) Smart new retail brings new opportunities for the development of advertising machines.


From the perspective of the pure advertising machine industry, with the continuous deepening of urbanization, the awareness of urban lighting engineering is strengthened, the scale of social and economic development is growing and the demand will increase. The overseas market, innovation, upgrading, high-end, customized development trend No change.

It can be seen that since the trade war between China and the United States last year, the commercial display industry has not only declined in the Sino-US trade war, but has gradually grown, and its volume will grow stronger.

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Shenzhen Lehua Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. is a brand manufacturer specializing in providing liquid crystal splicing large screen, LCD splicing screen, LCD splicing wall and large screen display solution as a commercial display product and solution brand supplier. Production, marketing and service are integrated. With mature quality management system, perfect marketing service network and fast after-sales service system, it has won universal recognition from the market and customers. Products have been used in safe cities, government, venues, transportation, energy, finance, radio and television, entertainment, medical, education and other fields, and exported to more than 50 countries and regions.


The company's main business operates four major categories of products:

1, Samsung, LG, BOE BOE and other brands of ultra-narrow LCD large screen splicing system;

2, signal processing equipment: large screen splicing controller hardware and software, matrix switcher, plasma splicing screen, fused image controller;

3, LCD digital signage, LCD computer advertising machine, advertising machine play box and its software, touch one machine, electronic whiteboard, touch screen, touch display;

4, smart devices, multimedia devices, 3D display devices, servers, etc.


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